Why Coho?

While most landscape-scale planning efforts favor a multi-species approach, the Coast Coho Partnership focuses on coast coho for several reasons:

  • Coho are a “keystone species,” meaning numerous plant and animal species rely on them for survival at some point during their life cycle. Recover coho and you benefit an entire ecosystem.

  • Because coho spend 12-18 months rearing in the watershed before they enter then ocean, they are an excellent indicator of watershed health year-round.

  • Coho occupy a range of habitats that are also essential to other salmonids. Restoring coho habitat often benefits other salmonid species like Chinook and steelhead, as well as non-salmonid species like lamprey.

  • The primary limiting factor for coast coho populations in Oregon is often inadequate over-winter rearing habitat, and there are cost-effective strategies to address this issue.

  • Coho recovery will support recreational, Tribal, and commercial fisheries, providing renewed economic and cultural opportunities for rural, resource dependent communities.